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Thank you for your interest in our Training Facility.


Let us take you through a quick introduction of our facility.


We are a revolutionary, results driven professional training studio,

the first of its kind in Botswana, where everyone is a success story!


Applying current and effective training techniques such as functional training,

through Semi-Private, One on One and Small Group Fitness Training,

you will experience accelerated fat loss, toned muscles, increased energy, greater strength and mobility, for all activities of your daily life.



We provide exceptional service from experts and leaders in our industry,

 our priority being quality over quantity.


We have a commitment to satisfy all of our clients.

No matter your background or current circumstances,

you will be a champion!

We remain dedicated in assisting each individual to transform!



But first...



...let me just cut straight to the chase!

Here’s some cold hard facts...


It’s not guaranteed that the journey will be quick or easy.

In actual fact I can tell you now that it will be challenging,

an exclusive membership alone will not produce your results miraculously,

it will take a clear decision to make that change,

it will take personal commitment,

it will mean that you’ll have to make certain lifestyle adjustments,

it will mean that you have to make the effort,

it will mean that you will have to take responsibility for yourself

and your actions.



But what I can tell you is... will be rewarding, you won’t be on your own,

we will provide the knowledge,

we will provide a workable plan of action,

 we will provide the support required to make the lifestyle changes necessary

to not only achieve your goals but also maintain them for life,

you will see results and still have fun at the same time!



We have limited space available to assist those that are willing!





If this is you (and I believe it is if you have read this far)...


...then become a part of a close knit community

from many different backgrounds

and a wide range of personal challenges and goals.

A community where none are perfect, but all have one thing in common...

...a deep desire and commitment to Transform their lives!


It's not merely about muscle, but you will get stronger.

It's not only concerning your health, but you will feel your best ever.

It's not just about your confidence, but you will learn to move mountains.


It's about LIFE... and yours will never be the same!

Physique Transformations 





Transforming Lives - Body... Mind... Soul...


Our mission is to Transform as many lives as possible, by creating awareness, educating, equipping and actively transforming the health, fitness and lives of those around us.

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